The Only All-In-One Business Management Tool Your Business Ever Needs.

If You Can Afford to Buy Just One Tool For Your Business, it Ought to Be This SaaS Tool.

Are you a freelancer? Do you represent a startup or small business? If so, you probably do not have large operating budgets, do you?

If budget is not a constraint, do you probably end up wasting time using a gazillion software tools to run your shop? Let us find out. Do you use an invoicing tool? Do you use a tool for managing your finances? How about HR? What did we miss? Do you also use a Project Management tool? And then, do you try and connect these tools by setting up fancy Zapier Workflows?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please answer this final question: are you not sick and tired of juggling so many tools?

Have you ever imagined how much easier life would be if you had ONE tool to do it all?

Have you not said this to yourself:

there ought to be a simple way.

Good news: there is.

Meet Agiled.

Snapshot of DAIVI Inc.’s Agiled Dashboard

Agiled is a startup that was probably launched early this year (2020). They had an amazing lifetime deal on AppSumo that recently expired. We were one of the lucky few who were able to seize this deal — we are so glad we did!

Some people call Agiled a Project Management tool — the name certainly sounds like one.

Some also call it a CRM-tool.

But Agiled is much more than that.

Agiled is a full-fledged Business Management tool. It is not only a Project Management tool and a CRM, but it is also an HR, Finance, and a Contract Management tool.

Agiled is an all-in-one platform that helps you to:

  • Onboard and manage existing clients
  • Integrate leads and prospects into your platform
  • Manage projects
  • Track employee time and vacation
  • Generate and send proposals, estimates, and invoices
  • Receive payments through Stripe and PayPal
  • Track finances
  • Manage support tickets
  • Chat with your team and your clients or prospects
  • Manage calendar events
  • Communicate announcements to your staff and clients
  • Sell your products with cart functionality
  • Produce custom business reports

Agiled is jam-packed with rich features. The best part: all these features come out-of-the-box!

You will probably need a full day to explore the breadth and depth of its brilliant feature-set.

You can sign-up for Agiled’s forever-free plan or upgrade to its paid plans here.

Full Disclosure: If you sign-up for Agiled via the link mentioned above, we may earn a commission that will fund our writing projects. If you do sign-up, we thank you in advance for your support.


  • All-in-one Solution: as mentioned before, not many tools can handle all of the above features within the same platform
  • Rich Features: Agiled, no doubt, is loaded with rich features. We are not going to go into the details of all of its features. But there are a few stand out features that deserve a noteworthy mention. Keep reading.
  • Easy Integrations: Agiled easily integrates with several third-party apps such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, FreshBooks, Asana, Zapier, etc.
  • Custom Webhooks: Agiled allows you to import data from external sources. For example, you can use webhooks to connect native website forms with Agiled’s built-in CRM to import lead info.
  • Create Forms: Agiled lets you create forms and embed its HTML code on your websites. Every time a prospect submits a form on your website, Agiled will import the lead data directly into its platform.
  • Create and Send Beautiful Proposals: the drag-and-drop templates in Agiled are fantastic. You would normally find such drag-and-drop features only in web builders.
  • Expandable Storage: The AppSumo lifetime deal came with 100 GB storage! Besides, we were able to expand the storage by connecting it to our Enterprise Google Drive. Agiled also allows you to connect to Dropbox and AWS.
  • Kanban: Create task boards to assign, track, and manage your team tasks. Task management is such a useful fand important feature for team collaboration. We are so glad this feature comes out-of-the-box!
  • White-label: You can customize the Agiled platform to suit your branding — upload your logo, change colors, fonts, etc. Onboard clients into your own branded portal.
  • Dashboards and Reporting: You can configure and create fully customized dashboards for the various modules, and also have them exported as spreadsheets.
  • Clean UI: The User Interface is slick, clean, and very intuitive. Even if you did not watch any tutorial or read the user manual, you would still be able to find your way around. So, bonus brownie points for usability and the ease of navigation :)
  • Customer Support: Customer support is the backbone of any business. More so for a startup. Agree? As a startup, if you care more about your customers and less about your profits, at least for the first few years, you have a billion-dollar company in the making. Jeff Bezos said that. We have no complaints about Agiled’s customer service. We only have very nice things to say about it. You can contact support via the in-built chat interface or email — no matter what, you will get a response within a few hours. In all our interactions, we noticed they not only solved our problems but also genuinely cared about our satisfaction. Their feedback mechanism is also commendable. They take your opinions very seriously. Below is a snapshot of their public Trello board — EVERY feature on their roadmap is user-requested. Any company that truly listens to its customers and implements feedback beats competition hands-down.
Agiled’s Roadmap and Vision Board — Community Requested Features


  • Overwhelming: If you are a freelancer or represent a small startup, you may not be using all of Agiled’s features. For instance, Timesheets, Payroll, and Employee Vacation Tracking may mean nothing to you if you are a one-member team. Likewise, how badly would you need a chat feature or a ticketing tool? Agiled’s entry-level plan is a free-forever plan, but it has its limitations. The entry-level plan does not have key features such as proposals and contracts. You have to upgrade to get more storage or to make use of the proposal feature. Despite the upgrade, the other features may still be irrelevant to you if you have a small team. If Agiled had a way to enable only those features that matter the most, it could enhance the usability even more.
  • Limited CRM: In our opinion, the out-of-the-box CRM is not a full-fledged CRM. Do not expect any fancy workflows. Also, there is no Email Marketing. But with forms integration and leads management, the built-in CRM is good enough for most people.


Source: Agiled’s Website. Last Updated: 8 Oct 2020


Agiled is a promising tool. The founders have really thought through its features — it is comprehensive and exhaustive, to say the least.

Agiled has features you need, features you don’t need, features you don’t need yet, and features you don’t know you need yet!

Feel free to read that again :)

Besides, if you keep a tab on their roadmap, you will notice they have an endless stream of features and updates in the pipeline.

Despite its loaded features, it is surprising to note how fast and responsive Agiled is. To date, we have not experienced even a slight lag. Commendable performance, overall!

Agiled is the result of the passion for tech, creativity, continuous improvement, and sincere dedication by its people — all combined in one neat SaaS package.

With continued excellence in customer support, Agiled has the potential to carve out a special place for itself amongst other popular tech brands.

With a free-forever entry-level plan, Agiled is a must-try tool.

Give it a go — you have nothing to lose!

You can sign-up for Agiled’s forever-free plan or upgrade to its paid plans here.

Full Disclosure: If you sign-up for Agiled via the link mentioned above, we may earn a commission that will fund our writing projects. If you do sign-up, we thank you in advance for your support.

A word of advice to the founders

As advocates of freelancers, startups, and new small businesses, we highly recommend and request you to include the proposal feature in the entry-level version — please include at least a few templates.

You can perhaps offset your costs by charging a small fee for every payment processed through Agiled.

By doing so, you will be addressing a critical pain point that haunts every newbie: creating proposals.

Also, the inclusion of this strategy can help expand your user base fast. Since there are not many tools that offer the proposal generation feature for free, it can make you stand out from your competition.

Kudos to the vision and efforts of the people behind Agiled! We wish you only the very best!



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