7 Most Common Graphic Design Types Used by Businesses — What to Know

3 min readDec 19, 2019


Sub-niches in Graphic Design? You Bet. Find Out What They Are.

Graphic designers use images, colours, and font styles to communicate ideas or provoke deep thoughts among viewers. Since ideas are as limitless as the designer’s imagination, various specializations with a specific set of skills and techniques arise. While most designers specialize in one type, they’ll increase their chances of getting more clients by adapting to other graphic design types.

Here are seven avenues of graphic design that most businesses require.

1. Visual identity graphic design

Branding is how a business relates to its audience while brand identity is how the organization conveys its personality and tone through emotions, memories, or experiences. Visual graphic design amplifies this branding by creating logos and other icons for recall. These elements ensure brand consistency and visual identity designers must know how to design for small and large projects. They must also know the latest design trends that will help them communicate ideas creatively.

2. Marketing and advertising graphic design

Most people view graphic design as collaterals for marketing because engaging and compelling designs attract people’s attention. Designers discuss their products with marketing personnel to develop strategies that will come in the form of print and digital assets, especially for content marketing.

Marketing designers must have excellent communication and time management skills to accomplish deliverables before the campaigns start. They must also be familiar with print and online environments to help with mass production.

3. User interface graphic design

User interface design involves the development of platforms that provide a more comfortable experience. While UI includes all peripherals like the keyboard and mouse, UI graphic design focuses on the design of on-screen elements, such as buttons, web pages, and mobile apps. The UI designer must balance aesthetics and functionality with user experience designers. UI designers must also understand responsive design and programming languages, especially for mobile platforms.

4. Publication graphic design

While long-form publications came in print form, digital publishing allowed companies to distribute content online. Graphic designers work with editors to settle the layout by carefully selecting related images and typography to achieve a unified artwork. Publication designers may work as freelancers or in-house employees of a creative agency.

5. Packaging graphic design

Packaging design is a valuable marketing tool because every container, bottle, or box is an opportunity to tell the brand’s story. Designers that specialize in packaging graphics understand industrial design and manufacturing. They also deal with various disciplines to develop packaging for toys, labels, and food packaging, among many others. They must be flexible to create graphics for small packages like bottles to big ones like boxes and crates.

6. Motion graphic design

The popularity of motion graphics skyrocketed due to the prevalence of video content. What was once reserved for television is now a staple across digital platforms, which opens more opportunities for design. Motion graphics designers start their process by drawing storyboards before enhancing the idea through animation or traditional art. Professionals that specialize in this industry know computer coding, video editing, digital visual effects, and 3D modelling.

7. Environmental graphic design

Environmental graphic designers make spaces more exciting and easier to navigate. Wayfinding consists of strategic signages and landmarks that help people find their way. They combine interior design, architecture, and landscape to implement into their designs. Environmental models already feature digital interactive displays for an enhanced and engaging experience.

If you need any of these projects, you can hire a graphic design agency to acquire the appropriate graphic for your request. The agency’s extensive experience is an assurance that they will accomplish your design needs with efficiency.




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