5 Benefits of Business Cards in This Digital Age

Should You Still Invest in Business Cards in This Day And Age? You Probably Should. More Visibility = More Opportunities.

Business cards have been around for ages, but they remain to be relevant to this day. Even in this digital age, with the rise of the internet and social media, business cards are still powerful and effective marketing tools. Thanks to new print technologies, their designs have evolved to be more creative and innovative.

If you’re running a business and thinking of discarding those humble cards, this post is for you. We discuss five advantages of having calling cards in this digital age, as well as tips on how to level up your business card game.

Business cards are inexpensive

Marketing takes a big chunk of any business’s budget, especially now that there are more channels to cover. Aside from usual posters and print ads, there are now social media ads, YouTube, and other online promotions to consider. Business cards are one of the most cost-effective promotional tools. At a few cents per piece, you get solid marketing collaterals that work for you.

You may want to cut back on costs and print your cards using your office printer. However, it is better to have a commercial printer to produce your business cards for you. You will find that they will have better quality. If you’re worried about your expenses, most printers offer great deals when you order in bulk.

Business cards are multi-functional

Business cards may be small, but they can make a massive impact on how others perceive your brand. These little notes-usually not more than three inches-are packed with a great deal of information. Aside from your contact details, you can put other advertising materials such as deals and coupons. Some printers can put your company’s QR code, so your recipients can scan it and go straight to your website.

Business cards are memorable

TV and radio ads only last for 30 seconds. Online videos last shorter, and people can even press the skip button. A business card stays with your customers. It’s a great way to make a good impression and introduce your brand.

There are now different print and material options that make business cards even more memorable. Some brands opt for striking die-cut cards. Others use gold foils to make their cards look and feel more luxurious. You can also use magnet printing so your customers can put them up on their office lockers or refrigerators. When it comes to design innovations, the possibilities are endless!

Business cards are handy

Other print ads require effort to post or distribute. With business cards, your employees have control over where and how to hand them out. They’re also quite handy and can conveniently fit any purse or wallet.

Business cards are effective

There is a reason business cards are still here-and that is because they work. Companies continue to produce them because it’s proven to bring in revenues every year. To increase their effectivity, make sure your business card contains the right information and that they go to the hands of the right people.




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We revive dead Blogs, rescue old Social Media Pages, and save your reputation. Content Writing Services. Premium. Authoritative. Consistent. Hit us up.

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