4 Creative Ways to Making Attractive Ads

Don’t Miss #3 Even if You Skip Reading The Rest.

Companies that use outdated ads will not only attract new customers but may also lose existing ones. What’s worse is that the target market can block their content because it’s not appealing anymore. An advertising agency with extensive success knows that the best ads appeal to one’s emotions through innovative presentations.

If you are wondering how you can replicate such presentations, here’s how you can create an online campaign that will attract users:

1. Bank on user experience

Consider the success of native advertising. These articles are written like the non-paid ones except for a paragraph or two at the end that sells the advertiser’s product or service. Paid articles achieve high engagement rates because they provide value to the reader, and the call to action is embedded into the useful write-up.

Publishers approve sponsored articles because it’s a win-win situation for both the website and the advertiser. Both parties create a new stream of revenue as the publishing company gets paid for crafting relevant stories while the client attains more exposure, which often leads to increased sales. The advertisement is also subtle yet effective instead of 10-second bumper ads before a video.

2. Don’t make your audience freak out

While ad retargeting can increase click-through rates, a huge chunk of consumers will be annoyed by this strategy because they can be exposed to the same advertisement repeatedly. They already know what you are selling, and they’ll get angrier if you keep on pushing your agenda. Once they get annoyed, it’s hard to win them back, and the ripple effect of sharing their experience will repel other potential clients as well.

3. Solve a pain point

When developing your product, remember that the best-selling ones make people’s lives easier. If you can guarantee that, then building the sale funnel gets easier. As you solve their pain point, however, don’t add another one by placing a pop-up ad or an irrelevant upsell on the checkout page. If you do so, the number of people who complete the process may drop. Giving customers a hassle-free experience increases the chances of a repeat transaction.

4. Build a presence on multiple platforms

Don’t be fixated on only reaching the right audience. Instead, you must also engage with them at the right time and platform. Companies that develop mobile apps need not spend money on desktop ads because users have different browsing habits on their desktops as compared to tablets. It’s also hard to determine the rate by which desktop users influenced app downloads. Therefore, the advertisement must be appropriate to their mode of surfing.

Given the short attention span of online users, they disregard ads that are irrelevant to what they are seeking. Therefore, your advertisement will work better if it does not disrupt the content flow, and it does not sound like a hard sell.

There are many advertising agencies in Toronto that can boost your online presence and sales through native articles. However, the company that can maximize your exposure has a pulse on what potential customers love to read and what are annoys them about. With the experience that they have in extensive data and trend monitoring, they can come up with brilliant topics that are perfect gateways for your objectives.



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